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Fairfield (Connecticut) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee of Inspection, for the Town of Fairfield, in Connecticut, held in Fairfield, on the 21st day of this instant March:

Daniel Wheeler, Obadiah Platt, and Ebenezer Hall, all of said Fairfield, being duly notified to appear before said Committee, and answer to the complaints made against them, did not appear.

Whereupon the Committee proceeded to examine the evidences, and upon a full and impartial hearing of them, they were unanimously of opinion that the said Wheeler Platt, and Hall, were guilty of a breach of the Association of the Continental Congress; and that, pursuant to the directions of the County Congressman connections, commerce, and dealings, ought to be withdrawn from them by every friend to his Country.

And ordered, That the Clerk of this Committee make this judgment publick, that they may be dealt with accordingly.

THADDEUS BURR, Clerk to the Committee.