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Letter from Henry Wisner to John Haring


Philadelphia, September 30, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: Enclosed I send you the military articles delivered out by the Committee of Safety for the Colony of Pennsylvania. After I had wrote the enclosed letter, I found that the Associators generally refused signing, and that they had printed their reasons for so doing. I then thought best to wait till I could send both together, which I hope may apologize for my not sending sooner. It is some matter of doubt with me, whether our people will be prevailed on to sign them. I rather think they will not. However, you will be the best judges of that, and the propriety of so doing, if it may be done.

I beg you to send me an answer to that part of the enclosed letter that relates to saltpetre, as quick as possible. Direct my letters to the care of William Will, in the corner of Second and Arch Streets. If you deliver it to Henry Will, Pewterer, in New-York, he will send it, as he very frequently corresponds with his brother.

I am, Gentlemen, your humble servant,