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Letter from Henry Remsen, Chairman of the City Committee


"Wednesday Morning.

"Sir: I have, this morning, had an application for a permit to send on board the Asia two hogsheads of spirits, two dozen of coffee, and one dozen of chocolate, I beg


leave, by your means, to receive the sense of the Committee of Safety on this matter, to serve as a guide in future applications of the same nature.

"A Mr˙ Serle applied last evening to the City Committee for a pass to go on board the Dutchess of Gordon, under pretence of procuring a patent for lands, but on examining him, he discovered an intimate knowledge of Colonel Warner' s proceedings in raising men to march into Canada, and the proceedings of the townships in the northern parts of this and Boston Governments. He is to call for an answer this day, and many of our Committee were of opinion that it was not advisable to grant him a permit without leave from our superiors.

"I am, respectfully, sir, your most obedient servant,


"To Joseph Hallett, Esq.

"P˙ S. I cannot wait on you in person, being detained by several people."