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Provision made for the reception and care of sick and wounded soldiers from the Army


Present: Thomas Wharton,, Jun˙, President, David Rittenhouse, Owen Biddle, John Bayard, Fred˙ Kuhl, Samuel Morris, Sen˙, Timothy Matlack, Samuel C˙ Morris, Joseph Blewer, Francis Gurney.

The Council being informed that there are many sick Soldiers arrived in this City from the American Army, for whom no proper accommodations are provided, and as humanity and good policy require that the best provision be made for restoring them to health,

Resolved, That Colonel Gurney be authorized and required to have one wing of the Bettering House cleared immediately, for the reception of such sick and wounded Soldiers.

Resolved, That Messrs˙ Richards and Towers furnish Mr˙ Romans, Engineer, with such materials as he may require to perform an experiment, in order to give a specimen of his skill in destroying distant objects by Fire.

Mr˙ Nesbitt was directed to pay to Mr˙ Jesse Jones, one of the Commissioners of Northampton County, £991 for Bounty money for three hundred and twenty-three Men, directed by Convention to be paid for raising the Flying-Camp.

Mr˙ Nesbitt was directed to pay Henry Fraily £6 0s˙ 4d˙, for repairing Arms belonging to Colonel Haller' s Battalion.

Mr˙ Nesbitt was directed to pay Daniel King £10 10s˙ 10 1/2d˙, for Brass for Boring Mill; £1 17s˙ for Copper Hinges, &c˙, for Franklin armed Boat; and £12 for twelve Tourniquets, delivered to Duffield & Delany.

Mr˙ Nesbitt to pay Jacob Rittenhouse £10 19s˙ 2d˙, for two hundred and sixty-three pounds of Cannon Cartridge Paper.