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Committee on Petitioning Congress


Met according to adjournment.

Voted, That Matthew Morley, a prisoner here, receive out of the Treasury twelve Pounds, towards his subsistence, to be by him accounted for, and that the President of the Council give order on the Treasurer for payment thereof.

Voted, That John Dudley, Esq˙, Major Barker, Captain Prentice, Captain Worthen, John McClary, Esq˙, and James Betton, Esq˙, be a Committee, to join a Committee of the honourable Council, about settling the Wages of both Houses.

Voted, That Captain Long, Major Downing, and Deacon Knowles, be a Committee, to join a Committee of the honourable Council, to consider of the petitioning the honourable the Continental Congress, with regard to the settling one or more Battalions of Soldiers at Portsmouth, or any other part of this Colony, for the defence thereof, upon the Continental charge and establishment.

Voted, That Philips White, Esq˙, and Noah Emery, Esq˙, for the County of Rockingham; Colonel Baker and Ichabod Rolling, Esq˙, for the County of Strafford; Matthew Patten, Esq˙, and Moses Nichols, Esq˙, for the County of Hillsborough; Thomas Sparhawk, Esq˙, and Benjamin Bellows, Jun˙, Esq˙, for the County of Cheshire; Samuel Emerson, Esq˙, and Daniel Brainard, Esq˙, for the County of Grafton, be, and hereby are, appointed Committees, in conjunction with a Committee from the honourable Board,


in the respective Counties, to administer Oaths or Oath of Office to the several persons chosen into office in the aforesaid Counties; also, to take Bonds of the respective Recorders of Deeds and Conveyances and County Treasurers, in a respectable sum, to Philips White, Esq˙, Speaker of the House of Representatives, or the Speaker for the time being, faithfully and impartially to execute their office. Also, to remove the Records of Deeds and of the Probate Offices, and those of the Secretary, and deliver them to the persons now appointed to keep those offices; also, upon the death or incapacity of any of the aforesaid officers, where Records are kept, that they, in their respective Counties, be empowered to take such Records and safely keep them till the then next sitting of General Assembly.

Voted, That Captain Prentice and Captain Hercules Mooney be a Committee of this House, to join a Committee of the honourable Council, to prepare a form of an Oath, or Oaths, to be taken by the several Officers of the respective Counties in this Colony.

Voted, That Colonel Walker and Captain Long be a Committee of this House, to join a Committee of the honourable Council, to consult about the most convenient method of obtaining Flour from abroad.

Voted, That Colonel Gilman and Colonel Evans be a Committee to procure seventy Axes, for the use of the Regiment destined for Canada, on the best terms they can get them.

Upon reading the Vote of the honourable Council, that the Pay due to the several Members of the General Assembly be drawn out of the Treasury at the end of the Session, according to the Votes of the House; and the question, Whether the same shall be replaced in the Treasury by the constituents of each Member, as well as the future wages, be put off until the second Wednesday of the sitting of the General Assembly after this adjournment?

Voted, Not to concur.

Voted, That Noah Emery, Esq˙, be allowed and paid out of the Treasury six Shillings per day for each day' s attendance in the late Congress and in the House of Representatives, for his service as Clerk of said Houses, over and above his wages as a Member of the same.