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General Spencer to General Heath



Camp at North-Castle, 30th November, 1776.

DEAR GENERAL: I have sent under guard to receive your direction and further determination, two prisoners, taken on suspicion of unfriendliness to these Slates, viz: Captain Benjamin Vermillia and John Vermillia. For particulars relative to them, I refer your Honour to the account given in the enclosed papers; and am, with great respect and esteem, your Honour' s most obedient, humble servant,


P˙ S. December 5, 1776. — Having delayed sending the above persons until this time, I have sent to your care a number of others also, with the above. Three of them was taken yesterday by a scouting party, viz: Thomas Ellis, Benjamin Booth, and William Patterson. They owned they had joined the enemy. I suppose were going home on a mischievous design. There is a number of others I conclude will likewise be sent forward with these. They are all supposed to be so very dangerous to these States as renders it very needful to confine them. Suppose they will all be sent forward to the Convention of this State, but that is submitted to your wisdom. I received intelligence yesterday from General Wooster, that he had discovered about seventy sail of men-of-war and transports off Merrimack and New-Rochelle, standing to the eastward with a fair wind. Their destination is uncertain, probably for Newport, as they keep under the Long-Island shore. In consequence of General Lee' s desire, I have ordered the regiment commanded by the late Colonels Seldon and Gay, consisting of four hundred men, to march this day to join your command. J˙ S.