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Lord Dunmore to General Howe


Dear General,

Colonel Kirkland who is the bearer of this, came here some short time ago from South Carolina, of which province he is a native; He is a man of very considerable property, has very great influence amongst the people in the back part of that country, He is an active, bold, enterprising man, and one in whom I really believe you might put the utmost confidence, and greatly depend on what he says, He was drove out of his own Country from His zeal for His Majesty' s service, Has lost all His slaves, stock, &c˙, &c˙, &c˙, and His whole Estate laid waste, He certainly ought to be protected and provided for by Govt˙ He has been indefatigable since His arrival here in rendering every possible service in his power to His Majesty. He can give you very good information of our present situation here. Pray remember me to all friends, especially my friend Clynton and believe me Dear General very sincerely yours, DUNMORE.

Off Norfolk in Virginia on board the William 9ber 20th 1775.