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Appointment of the Committee


Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That a Standing Committee of Correspondence and Inquiry be appointed, to consist of the following persons, to wit:

John Cruger, Esq˙, Speaker, James De Lancey, James Jauncey, Jacob Walton, Benjamin Seaman, Isaac Wilkins, Frederick Phillips, Daniel Kissam, Zebulon Seaman, John Rapalje, Simon Boerum, John De Noyelles, and George Clinton, Esquires, or any seven of them, whose business it shall be to obtain the most early and authentic intelligence of all such acts and resolutions of the British Parliament, or proceedings of administration, as do or may relate to or affect the liberties and privileges of his Majesty' s subjects in the British Colonies in America, and to keep up and maintain a correspondence and communication with our sister Colonies respecting these important considerations, and the result of their proceedings to lay before the House. — January 20, 1774.