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Further appointments in the Militia


Monday, January 8, 1776.

Convention met. All Members present, as on Saturday, except Mr˙ J˙ A˙ Thomas, Mr˙ Thomas Wright, Mr˙ Sim, and Mr˙ Tyler. The Proceedings of Saturday were read.

Mr˙ Edward Lloyd, a member elected for Talbot County, in the room of Francis Baker, and Mr˙ Thomas Ringgold, appointed a member for Kent County, in the room of Mr˙ Thomas Smyth, who refused to act, appeared, and took their seals in the House.

Mr˙ Sudler and Mr˙ Buchanan appeared in the House.

Mr˙ William Adams has leave of absence.

Adjourned till three o' clock.

Post Merediem. Convention met.

Mr˙ Tyler and Mr˙ Dallam appeared in the House.

The following persons were elecled by ballot to the Battalion in Talbot County, to wit:

Mr˙ Christopher Birkhead, Colonel; Mr˙ Peregrine Tilghman, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Jeremiah Banning, First Major; Mr˙ Robert Lloyd Nichols, Second; Mr˙ Nicholas Thomas, Quartermaster.


On motion, Resolved, That the nomination of Field-Officers for Dorchester County be postponed, and that the Council of Safety, hereafter to be appointed, be empowered to appoint them.

The following election by ballot for Caroline County, was had:

East Battalion: Mr˙ William Richardson, Colonel; Mr˙ Henry Dickinson, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ William Whitley, First Major; Mr˙ Matthew Driver, Second; Mr˙ John White, Quartermaster.

West Battalion: Mr˙ Philip Fiddeman, Colonel; Mr˙ Benson Stainton, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Richard Mason, First Major; Mr˙ Henry Downes, Second; Mr˙ Thomas Hardcastle, Quartermaster.

The Convention adjourns till to-morrow morning, half after nine o' clock.