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Letter from Samuel Tucker to Lord Stirling



Trenton, December 10, 1775.

MY LORD: I have endeavoured to do every thing you have mentioned in your several letters, and now must refer


you to Colonel Lowrey, who is appointed by the Continental Congress to subsist the battalions under your command. Mr˙ Fisher received from me two thousand five hundred, being one-half of the five thousand dollars to be applied towards furnishing arms for your battalion. I hope we shall soon have Colonel Maxwell' s battalion completely armed, for which purpose the members of the Committee of Safety have sent to the several County Committees, entreating their assistance in procuring the Province arms that may be in their Counties.

Our Provincial thirty thousand pounds will not be printed for some time for want of proper paper, which is now making for that purpose; and if it was now ready, the Commissioners are particularly directed in what manner to apply it; and I find the members of the Committee of Safety are of opinion they have no power to apply any of the Provincial money for Continental services.

We passed a law in the House of Assembly appointing barrackmasters to repair the several barracks, which was condemned or d—d in the Council, so that we must now do as well as we can with them.

You no doubt will have seen, ere this comes to hand, the dispute between the Governour and Council. The House of Assembly thought it most for the publick service to avoid all disputes at this critical time.

I am, with tenders of service, your assured friend and most obedient, humble servant,

Samuel Tucker

P˙ S˙ I expect the Commissioners will be here to-morrow or next day.