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Letter from the Virginia Convention


[No˙ 4.]

Richmond, Virginia, July 27, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: The Convention of Delegates for this Colony, now sitting, have almost unanimously come to the enclosed resolution, for stopping the exportation of all kinds of provisions after the fifth day of next month.

At a time when the most secret arts are practising to furnish our enemies with the means of protracting the unhappy dispute with the Mother Country, the necessity of adopting this measure appears so evident, that this Colony have cheerfully sacrificed a very considerable part of its property by agreeing to this resolution.

I am directed to transmit the resolution to you as early as possible, and have no doubt but you will as cheerfully come to a similar one. I am, with great respect, your most obedient servant,

Peyton Randolph,

President of the Convention.

In Convention, Monday, July 24, 1775.

Resolved, That no Flour, Wheat, or other Grain, or Provisions of any kind, be exported from this Colony to any part of the world, from and after the fifth day of August next, until the Convention or Assembly of this Colony, or the honourable the Continental Congress, shall order otherwise; that no quantities of the said articles, more than are necessary for the use of the inhabitants, be brought to, collected, or stored in the Towns or other places upon or near the navigable waters; that the respective County Committees be directed to take care that this Resolve be effectually carried into execution; and that all contracts made for the sale and delivery of any such articles for exportation, between this time and the tenth day of September next, be considered as null and void.