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The Declaration of Independence by the Citizens of Mecklenburgh County


C 2.

NORTH-CAROLINA, Cabarrus County, November 28, 1830;

We, the undersigned, do hereby certify, that we have frequently heard William S˙ Alexander, deceased, say that he, the said William S˙ Alexander, was at Philadelphia on mercantile business, in the early part of the summer of 1775, say in June; and that on the day General Washington left Philadelphia to take the command of the Northern Army, he, the said William S˙ Alexander, met with Captain James Jake, who informed him, the said William S˙ Alexander, that he, the said James Jake, was there as the agent or bearer of the Declaration of Independence made in Charlotte, on the twentieth day of May, seventeen hundred and seventy-five, by the citizens of Mecklenburgh, then including Cabarrus, with instructions to present the same to the Delegates from North-Carolina, and by them to be laid before Congress, and which he said he had done; in which Declaration the aforesaid citizens of Mecklenburgh renounced their allegiance to the Crown of Great Britain, and set up a Government for themselves, under the title of The Committee of Safety. Given under our hands the date above written.