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Letter to General Heath, requesting him to detain Captain Ford in custody


Mr˙ Duane, from the above-mentioned Committee, produced the draft of a Letter to General Heath, which, being read and approved, is in the words following:

"SIR: A petition, supported by a number of affidavits,


was this day presented to the Committee of Safety, complaining of depredations committed by Captain Ford and his company, belonging to Colonel Brewer' s regiment, of the Massachusetts-Bay, and requesting the interposition of the civil authority. You, sir, have, we presume, but too much evidence before you of the rapacity of our troops, who seem to have conspired with a cruel enemy in increasing the misfortunes of those who have unhappily fallen victims to the calamities of war.

"From your known humanity and benevolence, you cannot but resent ravages which disgrace the arms taken up in the most virtuous of all causes with abhorrence.

"Called upon by numberless complaints of the suffering inhabitants of this State, it has become our duty to see that at least some of the principal offenders be brought to justice, that a stop may be put to such pernicious excesses for the future; and the Committee of Safety have accordingly passed suitable resolutions, which will be transmitted to his Excellency General Washington, with a request that Captain Ford be delivered up, in order to answer for his misconduct in a court of justice.

"In the mean time I am directed to request you to detain Captain Ford in custody, and to give orders for securing such of the plundered effects as may still be found.

"I have the honour to be, with great respect and esteem, sir, your most obedient servant. By order,

"To the Honourable Major-General Heath."

Ordered, That a copy of the said Letter be engrossed, and signed by the President, and transmitted.