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Orders, Oct. 15


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, October 15, 1775.

(Parole, Ostend.) (Countersign, Plymouth.)

One subaltern, one sergeant, and twenty-five rank and file, from each of the four Brigades in the lines and in Cambridge, to parade to-morrow morning, at sunrise, upon Cambridge Common, to cut fire-wood for the Army. The Quartermaster-General, or his Deputy, will attend upon the Common in Cambridge, to give directions to the officer commanding the party.

A General Court-Martial to sit on Wednesday morning next, at Roxbury, to try Colonel David Brewer, of the Ninth Regiment of Foot, upon an accusation exhibited by a number of officers of that Regiment, a copy thereof having yesterday been sent by the Adjutant-General to Colonel Brewer. The Judge Advocate to be at Roxbury by nine o' clock, Wednesday morning, to sit in Court; all evidences and persons concerned to attend the Court at that time. For Court-Martial — Brigadier-General Thomas, President; four Colonels, four Lieutenant-Colonels, four Majors, Members. The Members to be taken equally from the two Brigades now in Roxbury.