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Governour Trumbull to Massachusetts Congress



Hartford, May 29, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: I am desired to enclose to you a copy of a letter from the Congress of New-York to this Assembly, dated 25th instant, which you will receive herewith per Mr˙ Brown, who is on his return from the Continental Congress. The contents of the above mentioned letter were immediately taken into consideration by this Assembly; in consequence whereof, they came into the following resolutions: That one thousand men, (including four hundred which we had before ordered,) under command of Colonel Hinman, should march as soon as possible to Ticonderoga and Crown Point, for the support and defence of those fortresses. That they continue there until they are relieved by the Province of New-York, or are otherwise ordered by this Assembly. That Colonel Hinman take the command of our Troops on those stations. That the Troops be furnished with one pound of powder, and three pounds


of bullets to each soldier. That Colonel Hinman be ordered to keep up the strictest vigilance to prevent any hostile incursions from being made into the settlements of the Province of Quebeck, and that the Provincial Congresses of New-York and Massachusetts-Bay be advised of these measures, and the New-York Congress be requested to forward the necessary supplies for said Troops, and such other supplies of ammunition as they shall judge necessary. Advice of these resolutions is already sent forward to New-York, per Mr˙ Cotton, your express to Philadelphia.

It is matter of doubt with us whether the above-mentioned detachment of Troop, ordered by this Colony, will be sufficent the important purposes for which they are destined; but we recollect that Colonel Arnold is now on the spot, with a commission (as we understand) to raise a Regiment in the pay of your Province. We are not informed how far he has proceeded in that design. If he meets with success, we flatter ourselves that his Regiment, joined with the Troops we have sent, will be able to maintain their ground, and keep possession of those important posts.

We take the liberty to recommend to your consideration the furnishing such additional supply of powder from you as you shall think necessary, to be sent forwards for the support of those northern posts. I am very sorry to have it to say, that we are credibly informed there is not five hundred pounds of powder in the City of New-York; but at the same time are advised that means are taking to supply them with that very important article.

I am, with great truth and regard, gentlemen, your most obedient humble servant,


The Hon˙ Provincial Congress of Massachusetts-Bay.