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Letter to the Brigadier-Generals of the Province, requesting a return of the number of Muskets in each Brigade


Ordered, That a Letter, in the following words, be sent to the Brigadiers-General of this Province, respectively;

Baltimore Town, January 31, 1776.

SIR: We are desirous of knowing what number of muskets are in the hands of the Militia of your brigade, either belonging to the publick or to individuals. We request you will furnish us with an account of them as soon as you conveniently can, distinguishing to what companies they respectively belong, and those which are good and serviceable from what are unfit for use; and that you recommend to and earnestly admonish those of your Militia whose guns are out of repair, and whose circumstances will admit of it, to have them immediately put into good order; but that if the owners of any such guns cannot, from their poverty, repair them, and they are only defective in the locks, that you have the same repaired and rendered fit for use at the publick expense. Writing immediately to the Colonels and other inferior officers we recommend as the best method of gaining information in the above particulars.

We are, very respectfully, sir, your most obedient servants. (Signed by the Council.)