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Report of the Committee appointed to examine the three women


Benjamin White, Esq˙, brought down the Report of the Committee appointed to examine the three Women brought to this Court on Saturday last; which was accepted by the honourable Board, viz:

"In Council, August 7, 1775.

"The Committee appointed by both Houses to examine three women lately come out of Boston, and brought to this Court, beg leave to report, as our opinion, that Mrs˙ Goldthwait, wife of Major Joseph Goldthwait, may be permitted to go to Stafford, to endeavour the recovery of her health, by use of the waters there, and to be under the care of the Selectmen of said Stafford during her stay in that place, and afterwards to remove to Rehoboth, to reside with her brother, Mr˙ Joseph Brigham, there to be under the care of the Committee of Correspondence of said Town (without any expense to the publick) until the further order of this Court. The others, viz: Mrs˙ Goldthwait,


wife of Mr˙ Benjamin Goldthwait, and Mrs˙ Chamberlain, they having given such an open, full account of matters, and appear so friendly to the Country, your Committee think they may, without danger thereto, be freed from confinement.

"CHARLES CHAUNCY, per order."

Read and concurred.