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Resolutions Adopted


Resolved and Ordered, therefore, That the said Resolutions, with their preambulary recitals or introductions, as amended and agreed to, be entered on the Journals as part of the proceedings of this Congress; and that the same be published in the Newspapers; which said Resolutions, as amended, with their recitals, are in the words following, viz:

Whereas, it appeared to the Committee of Safety, appointed by this Congress during their late recess, that a Barge belonging to His Majesty' s Ship Asia, was, without any provocation, attacked, and most wantonly destroyed: And whereas, the Corporation of the City had, under the sanction; of the said Committee, ordered another Barge to be built, in order to replace the Barge so destroyed as aforesaid: And whereas, this Congress had approved of that and the other conduct of their said Committee, and voted them their thanks for their faithful services: And whereas, notwithstanding, some disorderly and evil-disposed persons did, in the night, destroy and render useless said Barge, so ordered to be built as aforesaid, by sawing it in pieces: And whereas, the Corporation have since formally applied to this Congress for their directions in the premises:

Resolved, That the perpetrators of the said act are guilty of a high offence and insult against this Congress, and the Colony they represent, as endeavouring to contravene the true intent and meaning of their appointment. That they are insolent violators of the Association subscribed by this Congress, and by them recommended to the adoption of their constituents.

In order, therefore, that the sense of this Congress may be fully known relative to such outrageous acts,

Ordered, That this Resolution be immediately made


publick, not doubting but that the good inhabitants of this Colony will duly assist and support this Congress in detecting, convicting, and bringing to condign punishment all such factious offenders, as disturbers of the publick peace.

Ordered, That the Committee of the City of New-York be requested to send for any such persons to appear before them as they shall think proper to examine; and that they take examinations and every other such measure as they shall devise or think proper, to discover the persons who sawed and destroyed the Boat lately ordered to be built for the use of His Majesty' s Ship Asia; and that they report their proceedings and discoveries therein to this Congress, with all convenient speed.

Three of the Delegates of this Colony in Continental Congress informed this Congress that they have received a sum of Money from a particular friend, which they will lend to this Congress for a few days, on receiving security for the same.

Ordered, That Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esquire, the President of this Congress, receive from the said Delegates such sum as they can lend, and give his note or obligation for the same; and

Ordered, That Mr˙ Livingston pay Four Thousand Pounds of that money to the Colonels of the respective Regiments, or for their use, in such proportion as he shall think expedient; and that he pay the residue thereof to Mr˙ Joseph Hatlett.

Ordered, That one of the Secretaries write a Letter to Charles Thomson, Esquire, Secretary of the Continental Congress, requesting of him a certified copy of the rates of the pay of the Troops in the Continental Army, from a Colonel downwards.