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Letter from General Schuyler


A Letter from Gen˙ Schuyler, dated the 6th February, instant, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit.

Albany, February 6, 1776.

"SIR: The Continental Congress having ordered one regiment to be raised in this Province to go into Canada, I requested of that respectable body to know if the companies


that I ordered to be raised for garrisoning Crown-Point, Ticonderoga, Fort George, &c˙, were to be considered as part of them. You will probably receive directions on this head; and that no delay may be made in the arrangement of the officers to the regiment, I do myself the honour to enclose you the names of such as I gave recruiting orders to. If Major Gansevoort should be provided for, or Colonel Yates promoted, and if Captain Curtis had the majority given him, I believe it would tend to fill up the regiment with much expedition, as he has great influence in the part of the country where he resides, which is about Canaan.

"I am, sir, your most humble servant,


"To the President of the New-York Congress."

A Return, or List of persons who have had Warrants from General Schuyler, and therein enclosed, was also read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"A Return of the Names of persons to whom Inlisting Orders have been delivered by Major-General PHILIP SCHUYLER.

1775. Nov˙ 16, To Captain Eleazer Curtis, an old Captain in Colonel Hinman' s Regiment, now with his Company at Fort George.
1775. Nov˙16, To Captain Daniel Mills.
1775. Nov˙ 27, To Captain Joseph McCracken.
1775. Nov˙ 30, To Captain Elias Hasbrouck.
1775. Nov˙ 30, To Captain Andrew Billings.

First Lieutenants.

1775. Nov˙ 27, To Lieutenant Martin.
1775. Nov˙ 27, To Lieutenant Barnes.
1775. Nov˙ 28, To Lieutenant Anthony Welph.
1776. Jan' y 8, To Mr˙ Ebenezer Hill.
1776. Jan' y 27, To Lieutenant Charles Graham.

Second Lieutenants.

1775. Nov˙ 24, To Sergeant Cook.
Dec˙ 2, To Mr˙ Van Veghten.
1776. Jan' y 8, To Mr˙ James Clark.
1776. Jan' y 8, To Mr˙ William Moulton.


1776. Jan' y 8, To Mr˙ Luther Bissell."