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Meeting of the Committee for Fincastle County, Virginia



At a Committee held for Fincastle County, July10, 1775.

WILLIAM CHRISTIAN, esq˙, Chairman.

The Committee, taking into their consideration the clandestine removal of the Gunpowder from the Magazine of this Colony by order of our Governour are clearly and unanimously of opinion, that his Lordship' s conduct reflects much dishonour on himself, and that he very justly deserves the censure so universally bestowed on him.

Resolved, That the spirited and meritorious conduct of Patrick Henry, Esquire, and the rest of the gentlemen


volunteers attending him on the occasion of the removal of the Powder out of the Magazine in Williamsburgh, very justly merits the hearty approbation of this Committee; for which we return them our thanks, with an assurance, that we will, at the risk of our lives and fortunes, support and justify them with regard to the reprisal they made.

Resolved, That the Council of this Colony, in advising and co-operating with Lord Dunmore in issuing a Proclamation of the 3d of May last, charging the people of this Colony with an ungovernable spirit, and licentious practices, is contrary to many known matters of fact, and but too justly intimates to us that those who ought to be mediators and guardians of our liberties, are become the abject tools of a detested Administration.

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee, that the late sanguinary attempt and preparations of the King' s Troops in the Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay is truly alarming and irritating, and loudly calls upon all, even the most distant and interiour parts of the Colonies, to prepare and be ready for the extreme event, by a fixed resolution, and a firm and manly opposition, to avert Ministerial cruelty, in defence of our just and reasonable rights and liberties.