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Colonel E. Doolittle to John Hancock



Petersham, March 21, 1775.

SIR: Please to communicate the following to your body. Having received a requisition from the honourable Congress, directing of me to make a return of my Regiment, their numbers and equipments for war, I have accordingly applied myself to the business, but have not as yet obtained a return of but two or three companies, and if can obtain a full account before the Congress rises, shall forward it immediately. But we are in a most lamentable situation, for want of a sanction of Government on our establishments, our Tory enemies using all their secret machinations to divide us and break us to pieces. Add to this the difficulties, that arise by ambitious men, who are endeavouring to break our companies to pieces, in order to get promotion; for as there is no establishment but what arises in the breasts of individuals, we are continually breaking to pieces, and a number of companies in my Regiment are now in such circumstances; and I fear if we are not soon called to action, we shall be like a rope of sand, and have no more strength. If it may be received with candour, I should be exceedingly glad if our Continental Committee might be


instructed to lay the difficulties we labour under for want of a Civil Constitution before that body, and that they endeavour to obtain in their voice in justification of this Province in establishing one. God give you all grace and wisdom to direct you in the important affairs of American liberty. I remain your and the publick' s well wisher and humble servant,


To the Honourable John Hancock, President of the Honourable Provincial Congress of Massachusetts.