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Wills Cooper


The Committee for taking into consideration the Petition of Wills Cooper, reported as follows:

That it appears to them that the said Benjamin Arundel is indebted to the Petitioner one hundred and eighty-four Pounds ten Shillings and nine Pence, (Virginia money,) balance of a bond, with interest from the 22d of October, 1774; and also fifty-nine Pounds six Shillings and two Pence, like money, balance of an account; that the said Benjamin Arundel has absconded from this Colony, and left some property in the County of Wake; that the Petitioner' s prayer, to be allowed some remedy for securing the said effects from being removed or wasted, is reasonable; and your Committee humbly recommend that Trustees be appointed to take the same into their care, that they may be preserved for payment of the Petitioner, and any other creditors of the said Benjamin Arundel, who shall establish their claims in such manner as shall be provided by any ordinance in this Colony. Provided, nevertheless, that the said Benjamin Arundel be at liberty to replevy any part of his estate, so seized or taken, on his giving bond and approved security to Trustees for the payment of all debts that shall be adjudged against him, and accruing costs.

The House, taking the same into consideration, concurred therewith.

Resolved, That Michael Rogers and John Hinton, Jun˙, be appointed Trustees, to take into their possession the Estate of the said Benjamin Arundel, and preserve the same till further orders from this Congress.