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Cambridge, February 1, 1776


CAMBRIDGE, February 1, 1776.—Last Thursday morning Captain Manly being on a cruise in the Bay discovered a ship a league or two southeast of Boston light-house; he immediately gave chase to, and look hot within sight of the ships in Boston harbour. He then stood for a snow, which he espied off Cohasset, and soon coming tip to her, she struck to him without hesitation. Just as Captain Manly had manned his last prize, a schooner of eight carriage guns, with many swivels, and full of men, convoying two liltle provision vessels from Halifax, came up, and began an engagement with Captain Manly, but being soon convinced of her error, she sheared off for Boston. Captain Manly would undoubtedly have taken her also, with the two provision vessels, had not his Crew, (which was at first much short of the complement,) been weakened by manning the two prizes. In the engagement his gunner was wounded, and his rigging something damaged. We have not heard what loss the enemy sustained. Both of the prizes, which were loaded with coal from Whitehaven, in England, Captain Manly got safe into Plymouth the ensuing night.