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Connecticut Assembly to the Albany Committee



Hartford, May 29, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: Your favour of the 27th instant, by express, came safe to hand; the contents have been duly considered, and in reply have the pleasure to acquaint you that we had before received the resolve of the Congress at New-York, with their request to send forward some forces to the northward, to keep those important posts until such time as they might be relieved by Troops from your Colony. We have accordingly ordered one thousand Troops, under command of Colonel Hinman, to march immediately to Ticonderoga and Crown Point, furnished with one pound of powder and three pounds of ball, to each soldier, to continue there until, relieved by the Province of New-York, or are otherwise ordered; also sent forward, under the care of Colonel Easton, of Pittsfield, five hundred weight of powder for those fortresses; and forwarded advice of our doings to the Provincial Congresses, both at Massachusetts and New-York, just before the receipt of your letter, which renders it unnecessary your express should go forward to the Congress at Massachusetts-Bay. Colonel Hinman is directed to exercise the greatest vigilance that no incursions be made into the Province of Quebeck, to disturb the inhabitants there. It is hoped that the Provincial Congress at New-York will forward the supplies of provisions, and whatever may be thought necessary; and that the people in your Province, who are under the best advantage from their situation, will spare no endeavours that may be beneficial to preserve peace and harmony with the Indians, and prevent their taking part against, but rather that they take part for, the security of the liberties of these Colonies, whereon their own happiness so much depends.