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Colonel Ethan Allen to General Montgomery



St˙ Tuors, September 20, 1775.

EXCELLENT SIR: I am now in the Parish of St˙ Tuors, four leagues from Sorel, to the south; have two hundred and fifty Canadians under arms; as I march, they gather fast. There are the objects of taking the vessels in Sorel, and General Carleton; these objects I pass by, to assist the Army besieging St˙ John' s. If this place be taken, the country is ours; if we miscarry in this, all other achievements will profit but little. I am fearful our Army may be too sickly, and that the siege may be hard; therefore, choose to assist in conquering St˙ John' s, which of consequence conquers the whole. You may rely on it that I shall join you in about three days, with five hundred or more Canadian volunteers. I could raise one or two thousand in a week' s time, but will first visit the Army with a less number, and if necessary will go again recruiting. Those that used to be enemies to our cause come cap in hand to me; and I swear by the Lord I can raise three times the number of our Army in Canada, provided you continue the siege; all depends on that. It is the advice of the officers with me, that I speedily repair to the Army. God grant you wisdom, fortitude, and every accomplishment of a victorious General; the eyes of all America, nay, of Europe, are or will be on the economy of this Army, and the consequences attending it.

I am your most obedient humble servant,


P˙ S. I have purchased six hogsheads of rum, and sent a Sergeant with a small party to deliver it at Head-Quarters; Mr˙ Livingston and others under him will provide what fresh beef you need; as to bread and flour, I am forwarding what I can. You may rely on my utmost attention to this object, as well as raising auxiliaries. I know the ground is swampy, and bad for raising batteries, but pray let no object of obstruction be insurmountable. The glory of a victory which will be attended with such important consequences, will crown all our fatigues, risks, and labours; to fail of victory will be an eternal disgrace, but to obtain it will elevate us on the wings of fame.

Yours, &c˙, ETHAN ALLEN.