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Mr. Nathan Legaré appeared, and declaring it was never his intention to supply the Men-of-War with any thing


Mr˙ Nathan Legaré, attended, according to order of the 6th inst˙; and his Letter, which had given offence, having been read to him, he declared, that it had been written merely as a cloke, to be shown occasionally, if the men of war should stop his lime-boats, that he being thereby supposed friendly to them, the said boats might be suffered to pass the more freely; and that it was never his intention to supply the men of war with any thing.

Upon this declaration, confirmed by some other circumstances, Mr˙ Legaré' s conduct appearing less criminal than it was at first thought, he was, by order, reprimanded from the Chair, for the indiscreet manner in which he expressed himself in the letter, and charged to have no intercourse or communication whatever in future with the men of war.