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Letter from Colonel Harrison to General Heath



Head-Quarters, October 12, 1776.

SIR: His Excellency this minute received your' s giving intelligence of the enemy' s movements. He has given orders for all the regiments to be under arms here, that they may be ready to act as occasion may require. He wishes you to make such disposition of the troops on your side, and of the two Militia regiments that are posted opposite to this, as you think necessary, and begs and trusts that every possible opposition will be given to the enemy.

God bless and lead you on to victory.

Yours, &c˙, ROB˙ H˙ HARRISON


His Excellency would beg your attention to one thing, viz: that you will take proper precautions against a feint, and watch the enemy' s motions. They perhaps may make a feint to land at Frog' s Point, to draw your attention that way, and slip down when it is high water towards Morrisiana, with a view of gathering in your rear. Guard against that.

To General Heath.