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Meeting of the Freeholders of Richmond County, Virginia



December 5, 1774.

The Freeholders convening on this day, to elect a new Committee for the said County, according to the recommendation of the late Continental Congress, for the carrying into execution the American Association, proceeded to make choice of twenty-eight gentlemen convenient in their situation to inspect the attention paid to the Association through the whole County; who, forming themselves into a meeting, chose Colonel Landon Carter, Chairman, and requested the favour of Mr˙ Leroy Peachey, to act as Clerk: At which meeting it was then resolved that the Committee should sit on the next Court day, if nothing required an earlier attendance; at which time the Freeholders were likewise desired to attend, in order to appoint Deputies to repair to a Colony Congress of Delegates to choose Deputies to attend a Continental Congress, to be held in Philadelphia, on the tenth day of May next, agreeable to the recommendation of the last Congress, if America, should not, before that day, be redressed in her grievances, and restored to her just rights and liberties.