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Proceedings in Relation to Capt. Charles Alexander


Captain Charles Alexander being requested, did attend the Committee, and made the following confession, viz:

That he had himself purchased the Linens inadvertently, without considering the consequence of violating the Resolutions of the Continental Congress, to which he acknowledged he ought to have paid agreeable regard; and he is extremely sorry for having thus incurred the displeasure of the good people of America, and thereby forfeited that good opinion Which he would be always happy to have, and those favours which he might otherwise have hoped to have enjoyed from them. He also confesses that Mr˙ Marsden was acquainted with the circumstances of the said goods being imported contrary to the terms of the Association, subsequent to the said Alexander' s purchasing of them; and that the said Marsden paid the Pork to the order above-mentioned, knowing that it was for part of the price of the said Linens, and afterwards sent the said Linens, and a parcel of Shoes, with an invoice thereof, accompanied with a Letter, to Humphrey Richards, factor for the said Alexander, in Blandford, signed Marsden, Maxwell, and Company. And the said Alexander further says, that the order he gave on Mr˙ Marsden to pay the Pork to Captain Fazakerly, was a conditional order, to pay Captain Fazakerly, in case the Convention, then sitting should consent to the sale of the said goods, as there was then a Petition before the Convention for that purpose. Captain Alexander has further voluntarily agreed to re-ship the Linens, and a parcel of Shoes (under the same circumstances) remaining unsold, at his own cost, or store them under the inspection of the Committee; and that the profits arising upon such part thereof as are already sold, amounting to ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ shall be lodged in the hands of this Committee, for the use of, and forthwith to be sent to the poor of Boston.