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Sept. 11


Monday, September 11, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present only four Members —

John Dickinson, William Edmonds, Daniel Roberdeau, John Cadwallader.

Robert Towers, Commissary, reports his having received the following articles, and stored them at the State-House, viz:

28 Muskets and Bayonets, from John Nicholson; 28 Scabbards for Bayonets, from Woolk˙ Ming; 1 cwt˙ 3 qrs˙ 26 lbs˙ Lead, from Owen Biddle, per Ebenezcr Call; 3 Bullet Moulds, belonging to the Province, of Dunwick, Will,& Hasencheier; 372 barrels, 6 quarter-barrels, and 350 lbs˙ Powder, from George Lush, in Powder-House.