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Orders to the Sheriff of Fairfield County, Connecticut, to arrest Captain Daniel Hill


To the Sheriff of the County of FAIRFIELD, his Deputy, or either Constable of READING, in said County, greeting:

Whereas the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, at their present sessions in Hartford, the second Thursday of May, 1776, and now sitting, made and passed the following order and resolve, viz:

"Whereas information has been given to this Assembly that Captain Daniel Hill, Lieutenant Peter Lyon, and Ensign Samuel Hawley, all of the Eleventh Company in the Fourth Regiment in this Colony, under the command of Gold Selleck Silliman, Esquire, Colonel of said regiment, have, instead of forwarding, as it was their duty to do, endeavoured to obstruct and embarrass, and have, in fact, neglected and refused to obey certain orders given out to said officers by said Colonel, in pursuance of orders from his Honour the Governour, the Captain-General, sometime in March last, for the purpose of inlisting or detaching a certain number in said company to march for New-York; which orders said officers have severally contemptuously disobeyed, and greatly obstructed the execution thereof. Whereupon this Assembly order and direct that a precept be issued forth by the Secretary of this Colony immediately, to arrest the bodies of them, the said Daniel Hill, Peter Lyon, and Samuel Hawley, respectively, and them have before this Assembly, to answer to the said information, and further dealt with as to justice appertains; and that Colonel Silliman, with other proper evidences, be also cited to appear, as of record appears."

These are, therefore, to require you forthwith to apprehend the said Daniel Hill, Peter Lyon, and Samuel Hawley, and them have before this Assembly, to answer in the premises, and be dealt with as to justice appertains; and you are to summon Colonel Gold Selleck Silliman, of said Fairfield, in the said County of Fairfield, and to evidence


relative to the matters above alleged. Hereof you are not to fail, and make due return.


Dated at Hartford, May, 1776.