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General Schuyler to the Committee of Albany


[No˙ 4.]

Ticonderoga, November 7, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: I again presume to trouble you on the same disagreeable subject which occasioned my last, and therefore entreat you to read the enclosed letter, of which I beg you to order a copy to be made, as also of the order it encloses. This is a trouble I can only apologize for by want of time. Pray be so good as to cause Mr˙ Phelps' s letter to be delivered unsealed, and by a proper person, that has compared it with your copy; I wish the day may be noted.

I shall by this conveyance send orders to Mr˙ Livingston to pay off every person whom Mr˙ Phelps has employed, his clerks excepted, or from whom he has purchased any article for the publick service; but this cannot be done until he gets Mr˙ Phelps' s accounts, as he will not be able to know what money has been advanced. Mr˙ Phelps need not to be above two days in doing this with great accuracy.

Be pleased to let Mr˙ Livingston have a copy of the order to Mr˙ Phelps, and, if he should have occasion, a copy of the accounts which I have transmitted you in my last, and which is marked No˙ 5.


To the Committee of Albany.