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Relative to the Commissary receiving Saltpetre


Resolve relative to the Commissary' s receiving Saltpetre; passed JULY 1, 1776.

Whereas the Orders of the late General Assembly of this Colony, directing the Commissary-General to receive and pay for Saltpetre at Watertown, manufactured in the said Colony, is found to be very defective in this respect, that he is empowered to receive the said article on two days in each month only, which restriction is found greatly inconvenient for manufacturers of that commodity, and tends much to the discouragement of the manufacturing of that article:

It is therefore Resolved, That the Commissary-General of this Colony, by himself or his Deputy, immediately examine such Saltpetre as has been manufactured in this Colony before the first of June last, and brought to Watertown aforesaid within the time limited by this Court for the delivery of the same, in all instances when the manufacturer or anyone in his behalf is attending to deliver the same, and to accept and pay for such Saltpetre, if in his power, in case he shall find that the manufacturer or manufacturers are entitled to be paid for the same by any Resolve or Resolves of the General Assembly now in force; and that for the future, until the first of October next, he, the said Commissary-General, by himself or some sufficient Deputy in his stead, give his attendance at some proper place in Watertown aforesaid, at least two days in a week, for the examining, receiving, and paying for such Saltpetre as shall be brought and offered to the said Commissary by such persons as may be entitled to be paid therefor by any Resolve or Resolves of the General Assembly of this Colony, which are now or shall be in force before the said first day of October next; and that the said Commissary-General be, and he is hereby, directed to notify the publick of the particular days of the week on which he will give such attendance.