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Samuel Mott to Governour Trumbull



Fort George, June 30, 1775.

HONOURED SIR: Two days ago by a kind hand of Providence I arrived in health at this place, and am this day going for Ticonderoga and Crown Point. I have seen the Honourable Judge Duer, of Charlotte County, one of New-York Committee, and Colonel Sullivan and two others of the Massachusetts Congress, who have been over to Ticonderoga, &C˙, and told me of the very extraordinary ill conduct of Colonel Arnold, the particulars of which I suppose your Honour will have from Colonel Hinman. I was advised by Judge Duer, and those from Massachusetts, to write immediately down for Captain Robert Niles, of Norwich, to come up and take command of one of the vessels, as they are a very important part of our defence, and as I could recommend him as a bold and able sea commander; but I thought your Honour the only proper judge of the feasibility and propriety of such a measure, and also that your Honour only could commission Captain Niles for that service, if judged expedient. I have nothing in my department of any importance to report to your Honour. Our reports from the northward are various. I had a verbal message from the Rev˙ Mr˙ Kirkland, informing me that Guy Johnson was doing all in his power to stimulate the Indian Nations against us; but he did not think they would in any measure be unanimous against us; yet he did not doubt that a number from the several, tribes, might be raised against us. After I have viewed Ticonderoga and Crown Point, I shall report their state, with my opinion thereon, to your Honour; and meanwhile am your Honour' s most obedient humble servant,


His Honour the Governour.