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Letter from Robert and John Murray


The Sub-Committee also report, that on the same evening, and before this Committee had received any further evidence respecting this matter, Messrs˙ Murrays voluntarily produced to this Committee, at their meeting on the 13th March, instant, a Letter in the words following:

To the General Committee for the City and County of NEW-YORK:

GENTLEMEN: Having been disappointed in our design of reshipping the Cargo of the Ship Beulah (lately arrived from London in another bottom, by which we were great sufferers, and though we then conceived that such our design, if executed, would, have been a compliance with the Resolution of the Congress; we acknowledge that, to alleviate in some measure the great loss we sustained, we have been induced to land a small part of her Cargo; and notwithstanding we are persuaded that it would be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to obtain full and sufficient evidence of the fact, and that the Goods are secured in a place of safety where they cannot be discovered, yet, upon mature, reflection, and with a view to satisfy the publick and this Committee, as well as to prevent the trouble of any further inquiries upon this subject, we are led to make this declaration, and to acknowledge that we are sorry for the imprudent step we have taken, and that we do condemn the same as an unjustifiable measure; and as a further proof of our willingness to conform to the Resolution of the Congress, as far, as is now in our power, we do hereby engage to reship all the said Goods, according to the tenour of the Association, and to give the Committee full and satisfactory proof thereof, within seven days from this time.

Dated 13th March, 1775.


And that they did then offer to make a full and ample confession of every fact relative to the unloading Goods from the Beulah, and to deliver to the Committee at their then next meeting, a full state of the case, under their oath and affirmation.