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Committee to consider on some method for supplying the Treasury


The Committee appointed to count and sort the votes for a Committee to consider on some method for supplying the Treasury, reported that the following gentlemen were chosen, viz:

The Reverend Mr˙ Murray, Colonel Dexter, Colonel Gerrish, Mr˙ Gill, Mr˙ Gerry, Captain Stone, and Captain Greenleaf.

On a motion made by the Reverend Mr˙ Murray that he might be excused from serving on the above Committee, and having offered his reasons therefor, the question was put, whether he be excused, agreeably to his request, from serving on said Committee; and it passed in the affirmative.

The Congress then made choice of Doctor Taylor to serve on said Committee, in the room of Mr˙ Murray, who hath been excused.

In Provincial Congress, April 29,1775.

The President having received a Letter from Messrs˙ Nicholas Brown and Joseph Brown, dated Providence, April 27, 1775, desiring that this Congress would observe secrecy in respect to the capture of their brother, John Brown, at Newport, on the 26th instant: And also another from the Honourable Stephen Hopkins, Esquire, dated Providence, April 27th, 1775, presented the same to this Congress; which being read,


Ordered, That Mr˙ Gerry, Colonel Gerrish, and Doctor Taylor, be, and they hereby are appointed a Committee to confer, with the abovesaid Joseph Brown, who now waits the further advice of this Congress.

Ordered, That said Committee be, and they are hereby authorized to consider what is proper to be done, and make report forthwith.

The President likewise received a Letter from Worcester, enclosing one from New-York, dated April 24, 1775, which gave information of the arrival of a Packet there, with despatches for General Gage, and recommended that care be taken to intercept the same.

Ordered, That Colonel Grout be directed to carry the Letter, last mentioned, to the Committee of Safety, now sitting at Cambridge.

Adjourned till to-morrow morning, seven o' clock.