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Letter from William Sever to General Washington


IN COUNCIL, December 11, 1775: Read, and Ordered, That the Secretary be directed to write to his Excellency General Washington, to inform him of the order taken by the General Court on the 7th instant, on the matter suggested in the foregoing letter, enclosing an attested copy thereof.

PEREZ MORTON, Deputy Secretary.

COUNCIL CHAMBER, December 11, 1775. — SIR: At the request of the Board, I am to acquaint your Excellency, that in consequence of a letter received, the 4th instant, from your Excellency' s Aid-de-camp, Robert H˙ Harrison, Esq˙, giving information of a number of persons out of Boston, who were apprehended to be infected with the small-pox, the whole Court immediately took order thereon, an attested copy whereof is enclosed. This, the Board apprehend, precludes the necessity of taking any further order on ycrar Excellency' s letter of this day. If your Excellency should think otherwise, and that this order will not completely remove the evil, on your Excellency' s suggesting the deficiency, the earliest remedy will be applied.

In the name and behalf of the Board, I am your Excellency' s most obedient and very humble servant,


To His Excellency General Washington.