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Post-Riders, between the Army and Worcester, recommended, General Gage' s Precepts for calling an Assembly not to be noticed


April 28, 1775.

Voted, To recommend to the Colony Congress, now sitting in Watertown, and it is recommended accordingly, to make an establishment for Post-Riders between the Massachusetts Forces and the Town of Worcester.

Also that the said Congress take such order as they may think proper, to prevent any Town or District taking any notice of his Excellency General Gage' s precepts for calling a General Assembly.

Doctor Warren was appointed to give the sentiments of this Committee on Lord Dartmouth' s Circular Letter to the other Governments.

Voted, That Mr˙ President Langdon be, and he hereby is appointed Chaplain of the Army in Cambridge, pro tem˙, and that he be furnished with a copy of this vote.

Major Brown was appointed to give such repairs to the Cannon at Waltham, as may be judged proper.

Ordered, That the Commissary-General be directed to provide Quarters for about one hundred and fifty men from Connecticut, under the command of Major Brown.

Voted, That it is the sense of this Committee that no Enlisting Orders be hereafter given out, unless a written order is received from the respective Colonels.

Voted, That for the future, no order go out, to any men that live in New-York Government, or any other Government, for the enlisting of men for the service of this Province.

Ordered, That the Cannon now in Medford be immediately brought to this Town, under the direction of Captain Foster.

Voted, That General Thomas be desired to distribute the Orders which he has received, some time since, for enlisting a Regiment, to such Captains as he thinks proper.

Mr˙ Henderson Inches, who left Boston this day, attended, and informed the Committee that the inhabitants of Boston had agreed with the General, to have liberty to leave Boston with their effects, provided that they lodged their Arms with the Selectmen of that Town, to be by them kept during the present dispute; and that agreeable to said agreement, the inhabitants had, on the yesterday, lodged seventeen hundred and seventy-eight Fire-Arms, six hundred and thirty-four Pistols, nine hundred and seventy-three Bayonets, and thirty-eight Blunderbusses, with their Selectmen.

Voted, That Doctor Warren, Colonel Palmer, and Mr˙ Watson, be a Sub-Committee, to take the state of Boston into Consideration, and report as soon as may be.