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Resolution Explanatory of the Resolve of the 21st of June


Major Hawley, who was appointed to bring in a Resolve explanatory of the Resolve of this Congress relative to the Refugees, reported. The Report was accepted, and is as follows, viz:

Whereas, a certain Resolve was made and passed on the twenty-first day of June last, respecting the improvement of the estates of several persons who have fled to Gen˙ Gage, in manner as is expressed in the said Resolve; and it being made to appear to this Congress that the said Resolve is taken in such a sense in divers parts of this Colony as to make it necessary that some explanation of the said Resolve should be made by this Congress; therefore,

Resolved, That henceforward the said Resolve ought not to be construed to extend to any estates of such persons, excepting such estates as are left unimproved, and void of any occupant or possessor, and that no other estate of such persons ought to be treated in the manner prescribed in the said Resolve, until they shall be regularly indicted and tried for their supposed offences.

Ordered to be printed in the several Papers.