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Paul Loyal to Captain Macartney



Norfolk, August 26, 1775.

SIR: When I had the pleasure of seeing you last, you mentioned having some letters that had passed between you and me published, which I gave you to understand might be done; since which, as those letters concerned the publick, I have thought proper to lay them before the Common Hall of this Borough. The Hall has made some Resolves on them, a copy of which I am directed to enclose you. My reason for not publishing the letters in this week' s paper, is, that as they are of a threatening nature, they might perhaps give the people of this Colony great uneasiness, to prevent which I think there cannot be too much precaution used. As I am willing to believe your intentions are only to act within your own sphere, and not to intermeddle with the internal policy of this Corporation,


if you still think proper to have the letters published, and will enclose them to me, I shall take particular care to have them put into the next Gazette.

My family join in best compliments, hoping you have recovered your health.

I am, Sir, your most obedient humble servant,


To John Macartney, Esq˙, Commander of His Majesty' s Ship Mercury.