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Committee of War for Connecticut



At a meeting of the Governour and Council, or Committee of War, called by his Honour, and held at Lebanon, Wednesday, 7th June, 1775:

Present, his Honour the Governour; the Honourable Deputy Governour Griswold; Honourable Jabez Huntington, William Williams, Nathaniel Wales, Jedediah Elderkin, Joshua West, Benjamin Huntington, Esquires.

William Williams was desired and appointed Clerk of this Council.

His Honour laid before this Committee sundry Letters newly received from the Honourable Committee of War, the Committee of Safety, the Committee of Supplies for the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay, from Brigadier Generals Spencer and Putnam of the Connecticut Troops, at the camp near Boston; all earnestly requesting a quantity of Powder to he sent forthwith to supply their present necessity, and engaging to pay for or refund it, &c˙, &c.

This Committee taking the said requests into consideration, and the circumstances of the case being considered, do agree, direct, and order, that fifty whole barrels, containing about one hundred weight each of Gunpowder, belonging to this Colony, be forthwith sent and forwarded to the said camp, to the care and conduct of said Brigadier Generals Spencer and Putnam, viz: twenty barrels of that under the care of Colonel Jabez Huntington at Norwich; twenty barrels of that under the care of Captain Jabez Huntington of Windham; and ten barrels of that under the care of Colonel William Williams of Lebanon; to be sent ten barrels in a load, packed into common barrels, and the vacant room to be filled with rye or other grain, and gave orders to said gentlemen accordingly to forward the same, signed by the Goverrnour.

It was then moved by his Honour the Governour, that Colonel Parsons' s Regiment, part of the troops lately raised for defence, &c˙, now stationed at New-London, or part of them, should be sent and ordered to proceed to the camp near Boston, &c.

The motion was considered and largely discussed, and it was, on the question,

Voted and Ordered, That said Colonel Parsons, with the Company under his immediate command, and the Company under the command of Captain Chapman, in said Regiment, be ordered to proceed to the camp aforesaid, and join the Troops heretofore sent and stationed there by the honourable Assembly.

Then, on motion of his Honour, Voted and Ordered, That the General Officers of this Colony Troops order such quantity of Fish and Hogs-lard, for the use of said Troops at said camp, as they shall judge reasonable and necessary.

And then the meeting was dismissed, near sun-setting.


N˙B˙ Captain Richard Dishon, of New-London, one of the Committee appointed by the Assembly to provide carriages for and mount the Cannon at New-London, &c˙, being in Town, came, and moved for the opinion and advice of this Committee, whether he should procure iron carriage-wheels for said Cannon? And also, whether he should mount and fix two small pieces, in the form necessary and proper to be used as field-pieces, &c.? And on consideration, it was signified to him, as the opinion of said Committee on both said motions, that he should do so.