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Albany Committee to Massachusetts Congress



Albany Committee Chamber, June 23, 1775.

BRETHERN: We have received a vague and uncertain account from your Colony, of an engagement which your Troops have had with the enemies of our Country at or near Charlestown. As we feel ourselves deeply interested in every event affecting the general weal of America, it gives us great pleasure that (though with the loss of many brave men) you have been able, if our information be true, to drive, with considerable loss, the tools of tyranny and oppression back to their asylum. Strongly impressed with the warmest disposition to cultivate harmony with you, and, if necessary, to afford you all the assistance in our power, we have therefore sent you this by Mr˙ Price, in order to receive from you a circumstantial detail of the late engagement and its consequences.

May that God who has so often signally espoused our cause in the arduous struggle for liberty and humanity, still continue to you his gracious guidance and protection.

We expect daily an attack upon Ticonderoga from Canada.

We are at a loss to know what must be done with the donations collected in this City for the poor of Boston; and beg to be informed by you, as the chief of the contributions are in grain, whether we shall dispose of it here, and convert it into cash, or otherwise wait your directions.

We are, brethren, your very humble servants.

By order of the Committee:

Chairman pro tempore.

To the Provincial Congress of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay if sitting, or otherwise to the Committee of War at Cambridge, or elsewhere.