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Letter from Colonel Moylan to William Bartlett



Cambridge, December 25, 1775.

SIR: Your letter of the 20th instant, is come to hand. As the corn and oats are wanting for the use of the army, Colonel Mifflin must have them. He will give the price you mention for the one-third belonging to the captors. As to the other two-thirds, it is of little consequence what price is fixed thereon. Colonel Glover must certainly have been mistaken when he informed you that his Excellency was willing that the corn and oats should be disposed of at your place. It could not be his meaning, as he knew the want the Quartermaster was in for them. I wish you


would send up immediately the baggage belonging to Captain Foster' s people, for they are in a very dirty condition; also for such of Captain Adams' s men as are here. I do not know what directions to give you relative to the porter. We must order a survey on it, and judge by the report of its value. I think some butts would sell well at camp. I am, &c˙, STEPHEN MOYLAN.

To William Bartlett, Esq˙, Beverly.