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Captain Campbell and Lieutenant Symes Imprisoned


Captain Duncan Campbell, Lieutenant Symes, and twenty-three private Soldiers, part of a Regiment about to be raised in the Ministerial service, on their voyage from Boston to New-York, on board the Ship Rebecca & Francis, Captain Hastings, (by the said Ship being stranded on Brigantine Beach, on the New-Jersey Shore,) were taken prisoners by the people of Jersey, and brought to this City, and after having separately examined the said Officers and many of the Privates, it appears to this Board that they have acted, and intended further to act a part inimical to the liberties of America. Therefore it was thought proper by this Board to transmit the said Examination to the honourable the Continental Congress, and request they would determine thereon; in consequence of which requisition, George Ross, Esq˙, produced from the Congress, the following Resolve:

"In Congress, October 28, 1775.

"Resolved, That Captain Duncan Campbell and Lieutenant Symes, and the men who came with them in the Transport Rebecca & Francis, be confined in such Jails in this Colony as the Committee of Safety of said Colony think proper; and that the said Captain Campbell and Lieutenant Symes be allowed, for their subsistence, one and one-third Dollar each per week, and the men one Dollar per week each, to be paid out of the Continental Treasury.

"A true copy from the Minutes:


Agreeable to the above determination of Congress, it is

Resolved, That the said Captain Campbell and Lieutenant Symes be confined in the Jail of the City and County of Philadelphia, and that they be kept apart from the rest of the prisoners; that they be not permitted to have the use of Pen, Ink, or Paper, and that no person whatever be permitted to speak to them, or either of them, but in the presence of some Member of this Committee, or some other person authorized by a Member of this Committee in writing.