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Rehoboth (Massachusetts) Committee



Rehoboth, October 5, 1775.

The Committee of Inspection for the Town of Rehoboth being informed that Provisions have been carried through said Town, to Newport, and to other Towns at the southward, whereby the Ministerial Army has been supplied, the Committee met on the 2d instant, and resolved that no Provisions of any kind shall pass through said Town to Newport, or any Town southward of Rehoboth, without a certificate from the Chairman of the Committee of Inspection for the Town where the Provisions are conveying, by which it shall appear that the said Provisions are for the use of the inhabitants, and not for supplying the enemies of America; they therefore made choice of Capt˙ Daniel Hunt, Mr˙ Nathan Monro, Mr˙ P˙ Degget, and William Cole, to inspect and stop all such Provisions.

By order of the Committee: