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R. Yates to Colonel Swartwout



New-York, February 9, 1776.

SIR: You will see by the enclosed resolution that Major-General Lee, now at New-York, is authorized to call in as many of the Minute-Men of this Colony as he may think necessary.

I am directed by the General to have some regiments of Minute-Men called here immediately. Your regiment is fixed on by the Committee of Safety of this Colony as proper to be called; you are, therefore, on receipt hereof, to march with your regiment to New-York, with all possible despatch. Take care that your men have their knapsacks and blankets with them, and provision for their march. The Quartermaster ought, by all means, to come with the regiment.

It is not doubted but you will give orders that your troops observe the greatest regularity in their march, and if you order the several companies to precede each other a few miles in their march, they will be more easily accommodated. Suffer no delay in bringing in your regiment.

I am, respectfully, yours, ċ,

R˙ YATES, Chairman.

To Colonel Jacobus Swartwout.

P˙ S. It is expected that Colonel Drake will leave a sufficient guard of his regiment at the cannon beyond King' s Bridge. He will be a proper judge how many will be necessary for that small service.