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Constables, Collectors of Taxes, Deputy Sheriffs, and Sheriffs, directed not to pay over Money


Friday, October 14, 1774.

Resolved, That the Message of his Excellency be printed in the Boston newspapers.

Adjourned to three o' clock this afternoon.


The Committee on the State of the Province reported the following Resolve, which was read, considered and accepted, and ordered that it be printed in the Boston newspapers, and attested by the Secretary.

Resolved, That the several Constables and Collectors of Taxes throughout the Province, who have or shall have any Moneys in their hands collected on Province Assessments, be advised not to pay the same, or any part thereof, to the Honourable Harrison Gray, Esq˙, but that such Constables and Collectors, as also such Constables and Collectors as have or shall have any County Moneys in their hands, take and observe such orders and directions touching the same, as shall be given them by the several Towns and Districts by whom they were chosen. And that the Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs of the several Counties in the Province, who have in their hands any Province Moneys, be also advised not to pay the same to the said Harrison Gray, Esq˙, but that they retain the same in their hands respectively, until the further advice of a Provincial Congress, or order from a constitutional Assembly of this Province. And that the present Assessors of the several Towns and Districts in the Province be advised to proceed to make assessments of the Tax granted by the Great and General Court of the Province at their last May session, and that such assessments be duly paid by the persons assessed, to such person or persons as shall be ordered by the said Towns and Districts respectively. And the Congress strongly recommend the payment of the Tax accordingly.

The Congress then adjourned to the Court House in Cambridge, there to meet on Monday next, at ten o' clock in the forenoon.