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Orders by General Washington



Head-Quarters, Cambridge, July 22, 1775.

(Parole, Nantasket.)

(Countersign, Mississippi.)

A Court of inquiry to sit forthwith; President, Doctor Foster; Doctor Warren and Doctor Eustace, members; to examine into a complaint exhibited by Mr˙ John Spalding, Surgeon to Gen˙ Putnam' s Regiment, against Mr˙ Penuel Chiney, Surgeon' s-mate of the said Regiment; all evidences to attend the Court.

Captain Israel Putnam, and Lieutenant Samuel Webb, being appointed Aids-de-Camp to Major-General Putnam, they are to be obeyed as such.

Regularity and due subordination being so essentially necessary to the good order and government of an army, and without it the whole must soon become a scene of disorder and confusion, the General finds it indispensably necessary, without waiting any longer for despatches from the General Continental Congress, immediately to form the Army into three grand divisions, and of dividing each of those grand divisions into two Brigades. He therefore orders that the following Regiments, viz: General Ward' s, Gen, Thomas' s, Colonel Fellows' s, Colonel Cotton' s, Colonel Danielson' s, and Colonel D˙ Brewer' s, compose one brigade, and be under the command of Brigadier-General Thomas; that General Spencer' s, Colonel Parsons' s,


Colonel Learned' s, Colonel Walker' s, Colonel J˙ Read' s, Independents, compose another brigade, to be commanded by Brigadier-General Spencer. That these two brigades compose the right wing or division of the Army, and be under the command of Major-General Ward, and remain at Roxbury and its southern dependancies. That Colonel Stark' s, Colonel Poor' s, Colonel Reid' s, of New-Hampshire, and Colonel Nixon' s, Colonel Mansfield' s, Colonel Doolittle' s, of Massachusetts, be formed into another brigade, under the command of Brigadier-General Sullivan, and posted on Winter Hill. That Colonel Varnum' s, Colonel Hitchcock' s, Colonel Church' s, of Rhode-Island, and Colonel Whitcomb' s, Colonel Gardner' s, Colonel J˙ Brewer' s, Col˙ Little' s, of Massachusetts, be formed into another brigade, and commanded by Brigadier-General Green, and posted upon Prospect Hill, and these two brigades compose the left wing, or second division of the Army, under the command of Major-General Lee. That General Putnam' s, Colonel Glover' s, Colonel Frye' s, Colonel Bridge' s, Col˙ Woodbridge' s, Colonel Sergeant' s, be formed into another brigade, under the command of the senior officer therein, and until the pleasure of the Continental Congress be known, these two brigades to be under the command of Major-General Putnam; also a corps-de-reserve for the defence of the several posts north of Roxbury, not already named.

The arrangement now ordered to take place is to be made as speedily as possible, and the Majors-General are to see it done accordingly; some inconveniences may arise to certain individuals by this change, but as the good of the service requires it to be made, an alert and ready compliance is expected.

All applications from henceforward, by officers or soldiers, for leave of absence, are to be made to the Major-General commanding each division, who is to judge of the propriety of the application, and grant furloughs where they see cause, without applying to the Commander-in-Chief, provided it be not contrary to General Orders.

General Heath' s Regiment is to take post at No˙ 2, in lieu of General Ward' s; Colonel Patterson' s remains at No˙ 3; Colonel Scammons' s to occupy No˙ 1, and the redoubt between that and No˙ 2; Colonel Prescott' s Regiment to take post at the redoubt upon Sewell' s Point; Col˙ Gerrish' s Regiment to furnish the Companies for Chelsea, Maiden, and Medford.