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Committee appointed by the Assembly of New Hampshire


Saturday, May 28, 1774.

Voted, That the Honourable John Wentworth, Esquire, of this House, Samuel Cutts, John Gedding, Clement March, Josiah Bartlett, Henry Prescott, and John Pickering, Esquires, be a Committee of this House to correspond, as occasion may require, with the Committees that are or may be appointed by the several Houses of Representatives in our sister Colonies, and to exhibit to this House an account of such their proceedings when required.

The House taking into consideration the many and great difficulties that have arisen, and still subsist, between our parent country and the Colonies on this Continent, and in particular the present distressing circumstances of the town of Boston, came to the following Resolution, viz:

Resolved and Voted, That the Speaker of this House be directed to answer such Letters, from time to time, as he may receive from any of the Houses of our sister Colonies relative to the aforesaid difficulties, and to assure them that this House is ready to join in all salutary measures that may be adopted by them at this important crisis, for saving the rights and privileges of the Americans, and promoting harmony with the parent State.

Voted, That his Excellency, the Captain General, be desired to give orders for enlisting five men, to be posted at his Majesty' s Fort William and Mary, from the 25th of March, 1774, until the 25th of March, 1775, under such officer as he shall be pleased to appoint; and the pay of the officer shall be three pounds lawful money per month, and five shillings lawful money per week for billetting, to he paid quarterly by warrant from his Excellency on the Treasurer. The muster roll to be adjusted, and allowed by the General Assembly. And that there be thirty cords of firewood allowed, and paid for out of the Treasury, for the use of the aforesaid officer and soldiers during said time.