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Letter from Governour Trumbull to the President of Congress


At a General Assembly of the Governour and Company of the Colony of Connecticut, holden at New-Haven, on the second Thursday of October, 1775:

Resolved by this Assembly, That his Honour the Governour be desired to write to the Continental Congress, and state the several matters relative to the prisoners of war who now are or hereafter shall be brought into this Colony, and request the direction of said Congress in what manner the officers and soldiers who are prisoners as aforesaid shall be provided for and supported, and how and in what manner the expense incurred thereby shall be defrayed; and that his Honour transmit therewith a copy of General Washington' s letters to the Committee of Inspection at Hartford, respecting Major French and his companions; also, said French' s request, contained in his billet to Mr˙ Paine; and Captain William Delaplace' s memorial, preferred to this Assembly.

A true copy of record, examined by,